My Personal Development Coaches & Mentors

Off The Field

Coach Dad  - Teaching me to be a Godly man.

Coach Mom - Teaching me the importance of family.

Bernard Tuggerson - My Pastor

Mrs Sneed - Reminds me to challenge myself academically and athletically

On The Field

Coach Ken Griffey Jr. MLB Hall of Famer

Encourage me to continue to work hard and improve

Coach Charles Johnson '97 FL Marlins World Series Catcher.  Showing me a strong forearm to frame and stick a pitch as a catcher

Ron Papa Jack JohnsonBoston Red Sox

Ricki Weeks Jr, Milwaukee Brewers

Junior Spivey, St Louis Cardinals

Coach Ricki Weeks Sr. Negro League

Coach Midre Cummings, Baltimore Orioles

Dee Gordan, Seattle Mariners

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